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#BEDBUM Organic Buddy Pillow

For those of you who just need a little support between your arms and your legs but do not like to have a lot of bulk in bed. This pillow is shorter in both width and length.

The Buddy is our debut product as part of the ReKindle Program which uses our "tiny resources".  What do you do with pieces of wool and fabric that are too small to make a comforter? You upcycle the raw materials by making efficient use of even the smaller pieces of fabric and wool creating a functional product. People love their "Buddy" - a mini body pillow. 

  • Premium Eco-Wool batting

  • Organic cotton fabric cover

  • Machine washable gentle
    with special instructions

  • Hand made in Oakville, WA
    by Holy Lamb Organics
  • Size: 9" x 42"
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